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List Caddy™ List and Coupon Holder

The List Caddy list and coupon holder is our best seller!

  • It holds shopping lists, coupons, notes, and a pen or pencil
  • It clips to shopping cart handle for hands free use of list and coupons in store
  • It's small and fits easily in a purse
  • It has magnets on the back for keeping on the refrigerator!

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The patented List Caddy shopping list and coupon holder is designed to make shopping easier. It holds your shopping list and coupons clipped to the shopping cart handle for easy viewing and use while you are in the store. It can also organize your shopping list and coupons at home, in the kitchen. It can stand on its own on a countertop or table and has magnets on the back for attaching to the refrigerator. Plus, it has many other uses! It can hold recipess for you while you are cooking or baking. It can attach a gift note to the neck of a wine bottle (or any bottle with a long neck). It can hold name place cards or menus for dinner events. There are many other creative uses, just have fun and use your imagination!

The List Caddy is available for $1.99 each and comes in a variety of colors.

For wholesale inquiries, please contact Hannahdirect at: (888) 949-1254.

For promotional product inquiries, please contact Proinnovative at: www.proinnovative.com.

Examples of other creative uses for List Caddy!

List Caddy patents 7673410, D547023, and patents pending.

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