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Koala Pouch™ Shopping Organizer


The Koala Pouch shopping organizer is a very handy shopping companion!

  • It can organize items to bring on shopping trips
  • It holds compact, reusable shopping bags, coupons, lists, pen, mobile phone, and much more!
  • It wraps securely around a shopping cart handle with velcro closure tabs
  • It has a clear pocket in front to hold your mobile phone and/or a shopping list for easy viewing and access.
  • It includes tabbed coupon organizer dividers and 2 reusable shopping bags!

The Koala Pouch shopping organizer is a nylon pouch which wraps over the shopping cart handle and fastens with velcro. It has a rear zipper pocket which holds 2 compact reusable shopping bags (included). The front zipper pocket comes with tabbed dividers for organizing coupons; the front clear pocket can hold a mobile phone, Blackberry, or iPhone. Finally, there's a handy pen sleeve on the front and a plastic utility clip attached to the side.

The 2 reusable shopping bags included with the Koala Pouch look like this:

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