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Koalabiner™ Purse Hanger

The Koalabiner is a very handy carabiner style clip with a unique, patented design!

  • It clips a purse or bag securely to a shopping cart or even a baby stroller!
  • It enables hands free access to your purse while shopping
  • It can hang shopping bags from the cart handle
  • It can clip shopping bag handles together so items do not spill out
  • It's an attractive, fun accessory for your purse or bag!

The patented Koalabiner purse hanger is a carabiner style clip designed to hang your purse from the handle of a shopping cart or baby stroller so you do not have to carry it on your shoulder or leave it in the cart basket while you are shopping. You can also use the Koalabiner to hang a diaper bag from your stroller handle. The Koalabiner offers a more secure way to hold your purse than placing it in the cart basket because the latch of the Koalabiner closes around the handle, preventing your purse from being easily removed. The Koalabiner is made of lightweight, but strong, aluminum and makes an attractive accessory for your purse or bag.

For wholesale inquiries, please contact Hannahdirect at: (888) 949-1254.

Koalabiner on a shopping cart ...

Koalabiner on a baby stroller ...

Koalabiner patent # D628874

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